Roman Catholic DEMONOLOGY

Christ's Victory Over Diabolical Evil
& How To Appropriate It

St. Michael the Archangel,

defend us in battle,

be our protection against the wickedness

and snares of the devil...

Holy Mary, Mother of God,

pray for us...





We live in an age where scientific materialism and secular humanism rule the day; while at the same time, objective truth is not only denied - it is dismissed with derision. The so-called “New Atheism," while offering no new ideas or arguments, does offer a new attitude - a scorn and ridicule of any who hold to faith in our Lord. In addition, we are told that all belief systems and worldviews are equally valid - that there is no universal standard of truth - that “all roads lead to the top of Mount Fuji," and that if you can't see, taste, touch, smell, or hear it ... then it simply doesn't exist.
However, a problem persists.
man's conquest over nature and advancements in technology, travel, food production, harvest yields, the distribution of goods, comfort & leisure, the rising standard of living, breakthroughs in medicine, space-age communications and dazzling entertainment all stagger the imagination, yet still leave men & women unfulfilled, searching for meaning and purpose for their lives.
Many have tried the path of sex, pleasure, drugs, and alcohol ... hedonism and materialism, vocational advancement, lavish lifestyles, partying and chasing the next rush ... and yet have found all these to be empty quests insufficient to quell the longing of their soul. Somehow, someway, they have come to realize deep within themselves that there has to be something more to life. This longing for fulfillment, the desire for more, this voice that calls out to us in the wee hours of the night and leaves us restless, is the call of God. The still, small voice woos us and bids us return to Him. Often, we are too busy, distracted, and not in tune to hear it even if we wanted to. But the answer to our longing can only be found in Him - the LORD God - the One God in Three Persons - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And so it is that some come finally, at the end of their wandering, to agree with St. Augustine who prayed, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You." 
Unfortunately, many others never come to grasp that we have been created for a purpose by a God wh0 loves us deeply, who wants to see our lives made full. Made in the very Image of God (Imago Dei) we hold amazing potential for good. For we were created with the splendor of both a Visible - Physical aspect of being, as well as an Invisible - Spiritual one, blended together in such a way as to form the single Human Nature that we are, and at which the scriptures say the angels marvel. We humans are Body, Soul, and Spirit, created for community and for love: Love for God and love for one another. Alas, our first parents sinned so that this human nature we have is marred and corrupt. Now, all three aspects of who we are as humans must be healed in order to be made healthy and whole. The sins we have committed must somehow be atoned for.
Take heart O Sinner, because we are blessed! For, “unto us a Savior is born - Jesus the Christ!" In Him this healing and salvation is made possible by grace, if we choose by faith to appropriate it. Many stagger in confusion and chase after their own desires, ignoring the call of Christ. Out of our fallen human nature, we act selfishly and make sinful choices. In addition to sometimes being “our own worst enemy," we go through life facing problems and struggles that occasionally seem endless ... almost like a “piling on" ... yet we never once question why life is so ... well ... difficult
The answer comes to many as a sobering shock: it is because we are opposed. It is because we are steered ... steered toward chaos, confusion and difficulty. We learn through the teaching of the Church that in addition to our own sinful nature, there is yet another enemy that actively works to see us fail, who steers us away from God. As such, many of us are blind, and many are distracted. By our own selfish desire and the manipulative influences of the Evil One, some are led away from the Loving Holy God who created them and who alone holds the keys to life. In the search for meaning and purpose, others of us turn to the various “spiritual but not religious" offerings of this new age - communities and practices such as Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, and the Occult; or ... the trappings associated with them - such as tarot, astrology, divination, psychics, mediums, channeling, numerology, self-fulfillment practices, and human potential techniques. We are told to “look inside our own selves for the true inner light," because we are gods! These false spiritualities offer beauty, light, enlightenment, and hope to the weary, marginalized, and downtrodden. They appealed especially to those attracted to the counter-culture movement which began in the 1960's, but they continue to be strong today; attractive to individuals who tend to be discarded or mistreated, those looking for non-traditional alternatives out of hurt, anger, or revenge. But, the light is a false light ... the hope is an illusion ... the beauty is a mask ... behind which prowls a dark and ancient unseen enemy.  
Like lambs to the slaughter, many have become blinded by the illusions of science and distracted from what is most important due to hectic lifestyles, normalcy and immersed in a culture that is extremely materialistic. With a secular worldview and an over-confidence that is typical of modern men and women, millions of people refuse to accept that they are opposed by a bitter, unseen enemy. They go through life dismissive of this dark spiritual being that lurks in the background, influencing them as well as their circumstances. This evil being is utterly committed to doing everything in his power to steal, kill, and destroy their immortal spirit. He goes about unseen, undetected, and often unhindered. The traditional view of the Christian Church, of Satan as a real and evil personal being, is often ridiculed by modernists as mere superstition - the product of a medieval and ignorant age. They claim that we should know better by now. But, these modernists are deceived. As the French author Charles Baudelaire said, “The Devil's greatest trick is convincing people that he doesn't exist." Satan's trick is succeeding. Far too many fail to grasp that we are at war with ancient cosmic forces of evil, and that these forces, with all their will, are bent toward our destruction. They hate God, and they hate humans because we were made in His very image. All our struggles are in vain unless we unite with Him who created us, and who died to save us.
The Roman Catholic Church has understood this cosmic struggle, this war between the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of darkness since its beginnings in an upper room almost two thousand years ago. That was when the Church began. However, the war ... it started long before ... at the dawn of creation and time when God made the angels, and for reasons of pride and jealousy, some of them chose to rebel.
Cosmic war then broke out in heaven, and that war continues to this very day. Though the outcome is clear because of what Christ accomplished on the Cross at Calvary, much still remains at stake. Important battles have been fought and won, but millions of battles remain. That is simply because millions of people still walk upon the earth, and every single human being is a battlefield. Every person's soul is at stake.
This Website is dedicated to bringing the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church to those who find themselves longing for fulfillment in their lives and desire liberation from the forces of evil that engulf them - whether that evil be their own poor choices; the consequences of living in a sinful, fallen world; or the influences and attacks of diabolical evil. While we humans cannot blame our sin on the Devil, it is nevertheless true that our three-fold enemy is Satan, sin, and death.  Balance in the approach toward diabolical evil must be maintained. We should not look for a demon behind every rock and tree, but at the same time we should not be ignorant of their presence, and the evil end they set about to accomplish in and through each of us. In his diabolical counterfeiting and mimicking of God's plan and purpose for us, Satan too has his own purpose and goal for us. The question is, whom will we follow? Whose purpose will we fulfill?
Only the Living God, who reveals himself most perfectly in the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ, can save us from all three forms of evil and provide the Light to lead us along the true path of our rightful destiny ... a full and abundant life ... both here on the Earth and in the Age To Come.
As the Apostle John wrote:
 “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil."                                                                   - 1 John 3:8
“In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."
                                                                                - John 1:4-5